What does Corlett Express do?

At Corlett Express, we take pride in our unmatched, next day delivery service that spans the entire state of Utah. With service centers spread throughout the state, we provide our customers with reliable, premium service to fulfill their business needs and supply chain demands.

How do I get a rate? How is that rate calculated?

To get a rate, call into the office and speak with one of our customer service representatives. This rate is determined by the size, weight, and shipping class of whatever product we will be delivering for you. We match all legitimate rate quotes. We can offer you a great rate because our business model is to take care of our equipment and pass the savings along to our customers!

What can I do through the LIVE CHAT function of the website?

When you visit our website, you will be engaged by one of our customer service representatives who works in our main terminal. Whatever questions you may have can be answered directly through the live chat function. You can also provide a pro number and trace any shipment through the live chat function.

Do you provide lift-gate services?

Yes! At Corlett Express, we have a fleet of lift-gate trucks and trailers spread throughout the state of Utah. Please call or chat with a service representative to see availability. There will be an additional $50 added to the rate for lift-gate service. Please note that this service does not include white glove service, as we cannot take things inside your residence for you.