Salt Lake City, Utah
1627 Pioneer Road, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104 801-973-2288

Management Team
Kent Corlett
– President
Paul Corlett – Vice President
Milka Corlett – Office Manager
Randy Palmer –  Sales Manager
Chad Heil – Safety Manager

Customer Service
Shawntal Johnson Crystal Beckstead

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Corlett delivers overnight 5-days per week to all Salt Lake City locations with the exception of limited service to the following cities:

City Zip Schedule
Bonanza 84008 1x-Week
Lake Town 84038 1x-Week
Manila 84046 Appointment
Garden City 84028 1x-Week
Ouray 84063 1x-Week
Randolph 84064 1x-Week
Red Wash 84078 1x-Week
Wendover 84083 3x-Week
Wendover, NV 89883 3x-Week
Woodruff 84066 1x-Week